South Korea's presidential election article 19 in the Yin was elected a new President

据新华社首尔5月10日电(记者耿学鹏 陆睿 王家辉)韩国中央选举管理委员会10日凌晨发布的计票数据显示,共同民主党候选人文在寅确认在第19届总统选举中获胜,当选新一任总统。


文在寅9日深夜在首尔光化门广场发表演讲时说,自己将与国民手牵着手,为了韩国的未来一起前进。how to buy a fake degree? where to buy a fake degree?




According to the xinhua news agency in Seoul on May 10 (xinhua GengXuePeng Liu Rui Wang Guhui) Korean central electoral affairs commission released data show that counting 10, the morning the democratic candidate in the Yin of humanity and confirmed in the 19th's presidential election, was elected a new President.
As of the local 10 at 2 hours 45 minutes or so, in the statistics, 88.7% of the vote in wen Yin with 40.3% of the vote, in second place free Korean party candidate must scoop hong won 25.0% of the vote.In Yin with lead over yet statistics, proportion of votes to confirm.
Article 9 in Yin said in a speech in Seoul photochemical gate square in the middle of the night, they will and national hand in hand, in order to South Korea's move forward together in the future.
Previously, in Yin's main rival, hong must scoop and national party candidate ahn chul-soo, has expressed a willingness to accept the final result.
For elected in Yin, Seoul Wu Huishi voters told the xinhua news agency reporters in an interview, he "there are a lot of expectation", but clearly the new President will face major and difficult issues, their will be "patient support and wait.
The presidential voting held on 9, 6 to 20 local time, a total of 13964 polling stations across the country set up.The election committee 10 preliminary statistics show that in the morning the election turnout of 77.2%.