Who can help me to tell this University of Durham degree real of fake, buy diploma?

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Who can help me to tell this University of Durham degree real of fake? University of Durham is located in the city of durham, was founded in 1832, and in 1837 was awarded the royal charter, became an independent college.University of Durham is second only to England Oxford and Cambridge history of the third university of very long time, is also one of the best research universities in the UK. University of Durham school motto is "the cornerstone of her is set up on the holy mountain".Over the years, durham university uphold the school motto, insist on the development of all aspects.High quality teaching and learning, advanced research and business partnerships, regional and community partnership is always adheres to durham university.Currently, durham university set up professional include: anthropology, archaeology, biological sciences, business and corporate finance, chemical, classics and ancient history, computer science, earth science, economics, education, engineering, English studies, geography, history, international relations, sociology, sports, theology, buy diploma learning, etc.Durham university won a Sunday times university of the year award, before had been nominated for the university. In recent years, durham university also keeps her strengths in the English world influence, the seventh. In times of domestic university in 2015, ranked sixth.In British research assessment survey, the average of the university of durham was divided into 5 points, to achieve the world-class research level.