Université du Québec: Télé-université degree, buy diploma!

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Université du Québec: Télé université degree, buy diploma! At Université du Québec: Télé université was built in October 1972, is one of the university of Montreal, Quebec, the French is the language of instruction.It in a special way of education, distance education and different from other universities in Quebec, French teaching of the remote education leaders in North America.In TV university distance education, teaching technology, communication technology and management are very competitive.In the university management, finance, language, social science, environmental science, psychology, and other fields to provide a variety of short term training courses and leaving certificate and buy diploma, also have management, art, science and so on four undergraduate programs, distance education master's professional and a PhD degree.In addition, many professors at the university of TV also explore and research on the subject, such as management, business, economics, psychology, health, linguistics, history, literature, industrial relations and sociology. Does not include the cost, it's nearly $33 million annual budget, and television university is expanding constantly, from 2006 to 2006, only a year, its students will increase by 12.5%.