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At the University of Oxford (English: University of Oxford, hereinafter referred to as: Oxon), is derived from Latin: Universitas Oxoniensis) is located in the city of Oxford, is the oldest University in the english speaking world, also is existing the second oldest University in the world.A "genius and the cradle of the prime minister," said the reputation.While at the university of Oxford, the exact date is still not clear, but its teaching recorded history can be traced back to about 1096 years, nine century so far.The university scale since 1167, when Henry ii banned English students to the university of Paris school began to expand rapidly.At the university of Oxford, the name of the suffix Chang Jian writing Oxon, comes from the Latin "Universitas Oxoniensis".Although the university official publications are Oxf.At the university of Oxford, set up time is unknown, because it is not an isolated event, it can be traced back to 1096 to start teaching there.When the deterioration of relations between Britain and France, in 1167 king Henry ii banned British students after studying in Paris university, Oxford began to develop rapidly.Is starting at this point, the first school apartment building, after becoming college.Violence in 1209, due to the students, the university was disbanded, the incident led to some students and teachers to leave Oxford and set up at the university of Cambridge).On June 20, 1214, through a papal envoys consultations, returned to Oxford University, and got the charter. Oxford University's identity until a bill passed in 1571 and formally determined. Want to buy degree, buy the University of oxford degree is impossible!