The development and importance of the CFA Institute certificate, buy a fake diploma?

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The development and importance of the CFA Institute certificate? For fifty years, the CFA institute has trained many active financial industry forefront of high level professionals.CFA holder of all over the world, in the service of many enterprises.
As China's economy into a "new normal", the financial industry will play an increasingly important role in China's economic development.Therefore, the investment management industry needs more professional financial talent.
And the CFA institute in China's rapid development also reflects the demand of the market.In 2015, more than 36000 candidates for the CFA exam, making China the largest market in the asia-pacific region, ranking second in the world, second only to America.In the growth of China over the past decade, with 20% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), holder of growth rate (CAGR) of 26%.
The CFA institute will continue to work with Chinese regulators, the industry and the employees work together to promote and implement the CFA institute internationally accepted "gold standard".
Although China's financial markets are unique in many ways, but the growing internationalization of the global market has already moved beyond the borders.The CFA certificate represent the gold standard of acceptance and implementation will help China's ongoing economic transformation from benefit more, internationalization and financial innovation.Let more people get the CFA certificate is a very good advice, by buy diploma, buy a fake diploma also can yet be regarded as an effective way.
In October 2015, CFA institute officially opened its office in Beijing, confirms the CFA institute for the growing number of members and associate member of the localization service commitments.