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In this way can we get the university of limerick diploma? The university of limerick is a government funded built integrated independent university, was founded in 1972.School has 12000 students and 1300 faculty members, in innovation research and academic fields have outstanding performance;Is a full of youthful energy, active in the university.The school is located in Sharon river, perfect culture, entertainment and sports facilities provides students with excellent learning and working environment.University has 6: business, college of education, college of engineering, college of humanities, in school and faculty of science, information and provide a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses for international students.At the same time with the language center, and they provide more students with learning opportunities, also provides special way of buy diploma and buy a fake degree for no graduate students to choose from.School is equipped with professional: aerospace engineering, application of computer network technology, biomedical, and advanced materials science, business studies, civil engineering, economics and sociology, journalism and the new media, law, music and dance, psychology, engineering, robot.The close ties between schools and business community provides students with a lot of practice experience and job opportunities. As a famous one of the national university of Ireland, university of limerick Irish university college net countries around the world university rankings, ranked seventh.