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A story about buying McGill university diploma, buy a diploma? McGill university in Montreal city of Quebec, Canada, is a famous public university in Canada.School was founded in 1821, since its McGill university has always been the pride of Montreal.McGill university campus beautiful, antique european style architecture and modern building mutual reflect, constitute Montreal center unique landscape.McGill university in Canada, has a high reputation, its research level is famous in the world, known as "the north harvard".McLean magazine in 2008, the university rankings, McGill university ranks top top class university;In The Times higher education supplement world university rankings, McGill university, in 2007 ranked on the 12th, the world was ranked 20th, 2008, 2009, was ranked 18, has always been Canada worldwide recognition by the climax of the highest institution of higher learning.McGill university has 11 departments and 10 college, opened more than 300 professional.Medicine, literature, law, engineering, natural sciences and agriculture is the best McGill university discipline. McGill university high level of academic research can be comparable to the United States ivy league, many wellknown scholars in the world area.It also makes buy a  diploma is very important. McGill university has spawned many of Canada's greatest thinkers and scientists, including eight won the Nobel Prize.The great physicist rutherford is found of the structure of the atom in McGill, McGill in Europe and the United States.At the same time, of McGill university medical school in Canada, is the place where countless students dream.