Who can tell me how to buy the Inti international University diploma in Malaysia, buy a fake diploma?

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Who can tell me how to buy the Inti international University diploma in Malaysia, buy a fake diploma? Inti international University is a large scale private college English as the medium of instruction.School formerly known as Malaysia inti college, founded in 1986.Qualification for university college in 2006, changed its name to the British school of university.In 2008, a merger with laureate has international university and become a member of the laureate has international education group.Qualification for university in 2010, renamed the inti international university. At present, the university has a general hospital and 4 domestic branch.Institute campus area of 82 acres, the branch located in subang, penang, Kuala Lumpur and sabah.Inti international university is also a branch abroad, including in Bangkok, Thailand, Indonesia, Jakarta, Beijing, China, Hong Kong, etc.Under the inti international university with multiple departments, including the college of engineering and science academy of sciences, institute of information technology, business and application.Inti international university students can choose learning a bachelor's degree in the UK, Australia, and in part to an American university courses in the university.Students to study in Malaysia for three years or four years after the direct transfer credits, or last year, two years of study abroad joint teaching methods, obtain the university related bachelor's degree and graduation certificate.Inti international university offers more than 20 kinds of degree and a professional diploma, buy degree and buy a fake diploma from the Chinese ministry of education and the Chinese embassy in the certification.Open learning professional include: management, accounting, finance, marketing, international business, business, information technology, business information technology, computer multimedia, computer network, software engineering, computer science, the Internet and multimedia computer, network and mobile computers, games, software development, computer science, electronics and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mass communication, biological technology, applied science, civil engineering, etc.